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Hollywood Smile design


Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile is a term may be widely known to most people as a dental procedure for covering the teeth with porcelain crown cover or a veneer cover that may change the shape and teeth color to a shining white color. Which may in some cases achieve the desired smile, while in some cases  the fake looking whitish color crowns or veneers may have negative effect away from the desired beautiful smile.

Hollywood Smile from a dental- facial cosmetic view is not a procedure,….it is a concept of achieving the desired smile by understanding in depth the real meaning of dental and orofacial beauty with full harmony between teeth, lips, gum, and other orofacial structures. A thorough look at the face shape, color of eyes and skin, smile line width, nose, lips shape, volume and contour are important factors to be considered in addition to the teeth, may lead the cosmetic dentist to suggest other dental procedures which could be sometimes more esthetic, more efficient, less invasive with lower costs than applying veneers. Therefor a special and different engineering design should be made for each case and for each smile, and that is called SMILE DESIGN, that will enable the dentist to choose the best treatment plan that leads to the ultimate healthy, perfect natural looking beautiful smile, where no place for guessing, prediction, and fake artificial exaggerated over work, or un-reparable mistakes.

Modern dentistry and digital technology made a great shift in cosmetic dentistry. Digital Smile Design by means of using computer aided software for smile engineering is our way to provide our patients with best treatment plan which they can see before starting of treatment so they can be sure of the final outcome, and the result is always  a WOW smile that deserves to be called Hollywood Smile.



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