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Dental Implants …Beyond expectations

Did you lose one or more of your teeth???

Do you face difficulty in chewing your favorite food????

Do you feel embarrassed with your artificial teeth???

If your answer is yes, it is time solve all your problems by placing dental implants that function and look as your natural teeth.

What are Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best and ultimate choice for replacing missing teeth, Dental implants are applied and successfully proven by all research and academic studies on millions of patients to be the safest and most predictable alternative for missing teeth. Dental implants are a metal root shape screw made of Titanium alloy a material that is highly biocompatible with zero negative body reaction, usually a very minor painless surgery done as an office procedure under local anesthesia allows placement of the implant that will heal and bond biologically with the surrounding bone (ossteointegration) with a 97% high success rate, six weeks latter this implant is ready to be receive a suitable crown which will function as a natural tooth.

Applications of Dental Implants

  • Best alternative to bridge work in single tooth loss, thus avoiding grinding of neighbor teeth.
  • Best alternative to removable partial dentures in cases of losing multiple teeth.
  • Best functional chewing choice for total teeth loss where full dentures was the only option.
  • In patients who suffer from loose dentures due to severe gum resorption.

How safe are dental implants ???

Dental implants are 100% safe if done by well trained experienced hands, it could be placed in most majority of patients including controlled diabetic patients, with zero negative reactions on body or the jaw bone.

Is Dental implantation a painful procedure ????

This is the most common question a dentist gets, and the answer is absolutely Nooooo, as the procedure is simple and safe and the patient rarely may need a very mild pain killer such as Panadol during the first two days.

Can the implant be placed at time of extraction????

Immediate implantation at time of extraction can be done in majority of cases, and it is related to the type of extraction and the quality of bone and the shape of the roots of the extracted tooth socket as well as the existence of a pathology or infection in the extracted tooth site which may not allow immediate implantation.

What is the needed time to complete the treatment and have my new teeth???

This may vary from 6 up to 12 weeks healing that allows the implant to fully osteointegrate, (which depends on the quality and density of the bone) then the final prosthesis is fabricated to be installed over the implant.

Can implants be placed if there is a distortion or lack of bone ???

The answer is …YES, as  there are new techniques and bone grafting protocols and materials available to solve such problems, In mild cases the bone graft procedures may take place at the same time of implant placement, in severe cases it could be done as a separate stage, and this is evaluated by the surgeon as case by case. At Salloum Dental Clinic  SDC we are capable, trained with high experience and skills for such complicated cases and fully equipped to handle all kinds of bone grafting and soft tissue grafts.

Patients testimonies after placing implants:

  • Before my implants, I could not eat apples, carrots and stakes, now I am enjoying eating all my favorite food.
  • Implant surgery was a pain free treatment, I resumed normally all my functions through the day, and went to the cinema the same evening.
  • I recommend dental implant therapy for all who lost teeth, it is a bit more expensive option, but for me the value is much worthy.



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