How to brush your teeth

    General rules and guidelines for brushing your teeth.

  • Brush your teeth twice a day (morning, and before sleep)
  • Use medium texture brush.
  • put a small portion of fluoridated tooth paste ( size of a pea)
  • Place tooth brush at 45 degrees against tooth.
  • Move the tooth brush in circular movement along each tooth touching gently the edge of the gum.
  • pass the brush on all teeth surfaces (watch the video)
  • No rush ….you need two minutes to accomplish correct brushing to remove all the plaque.
  • Spit out any remaining tooth paste.
  • It is preferable NOT TO RINCE with water or mouth wash, to keep the fluoride  protecting your teeth.
  • After brushing, Avoid eating, or drinking any sugar containing drinks.

Please  click the link to enjoy watching the video



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