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Teeth whitening

More and more people are paying for brighter, whiter teeth. But does teeth whitening work and is it safe? Here are the answers to common questions about the treatment.

Dr. Emad Salloum listed among world top hundred dentist

In recognition of his professional achievement, Dr.Emad Salloum was granted the honor to be listed among world top hundred doctors for 2021. This evaluation

Teeth Scalling and cleaning

Teeth cleaning or (scalling & polishing) is a procedure usually done by the dental hygienist to remove the plaque and tartar which is the main

Bad sequence of losing a tooth

Most people think that Losing a tooth may only effect loosing the function of this tooth wile in fact this will lead to loss of

Skeletal functional orthodontic appliances

Functional Skeleto-facial devices are used to correct the jaws mal-position related to skeletal deformaties, they work during puberty age before the end the growth period,